Have you ever had that moment during a movie when you feel like you can’t watch, but you’re still dying to know what happens? Maybe you throw your hands over your eyes, but leave tiny little slits between your fingers just to be safe?

That’s the moment our Road to Resurrection will begin on; we’ll get right into the action! It all starts when Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey. For years now he’s been talking about his kingdom where sins are forgiven, the sick are healed, and the poor are welcome, and now he’s about to go into the city where the king used to live! Everyone is getting really excited. Maybe Jesus is going to set them all free from Rome! Maybe he will lead an army to save them!

But, oh no! In this city are the Pharisees! Leaders who don’t want him on the throne! He isn’t the king like they wanted, and now their kingdom and Jesus’s kingdom are about to clash!

In the midst of all the excitement, we might miss what Jesus is doing. He tells the Pharisees that everyone is right to rejoice, but he’s not rejoicing. Actually, he’s weeping. Jesus can see through everything. He knows that most of the crowds are only rejoicing because they think Jesus will give them everything they want and make all their dreams come true. They haven’t listened to his message about loving their enemies- they aren’t really ready to follow him. They’re really just like the Pharisees, who have their own idea of who the king should be, and that means that they’re all going to be in big trouble, because their ideas are all wrong and will lead to everything going bad.

This Easter, if we’re going to rejoice, we have to be ready. If we’re going to say Jesus is our king, then we have to let him be the king! Jesus isn’t just here to make us happy and do whatever we want. He actually calls us to do some really hard things, like love our enemies, and give generously, and forgive again and again, and drop everything and follow him no matter what. Jesus is the ultimate king, but he’s probably not exactly what you imagined. There are a lot of people who think that they are following Jesus, but really just want him to use him to make them happy and comfortable and safe. But Jesus weeps when that happens, because they will probably never see what it’s truly like to be a part of his kingdom. They’ll just live in their own kingdoms until the walls fall down. Are you ready to follow Jesus? Are you ready to do hard things? If you are, then you can be a part of his kingdom, and that’s worth rejoicing about!