Advent Day 22: Repeat the Sounding Joy

“Go Tell it on the Mountain, Over the Hills and Everywhere”

     Having reached the end of Luke’s nativity account, we have just about arrived at Christmas day. All that’s left is to look at the reactions to this event that Luke records, and reflect on how we might share in the same reactions. These final days of advent will serve as a reflection on all of the things that we have discussed. We will look at 3 different responses that 3 different characters have, and how we can mimic them. I pondered for a long time how I could give some practical examples to these spiritual reactions, and in the end, the best I could do was bring you the admittedly crude example of a delicious meal, and how we respond to one.

     So as we look at the Shepherds and their response of praise as they returned to their fields, let me tell you about Outlaws. This small burger stand near my old house in Vineland, NJ is still one of my favorite stops when I go home. Their Smokehouse burger stacked with a spice crusted burger, sharp cheddar cheese, jalapenos, onion rings, and a homemade BBQ sauce may be the most delicious thing that I have ever eaten, and every time I bring a friend around, I make them stop here for lunch.

      Again, while a crude parallel, what I am doing is bringing praise. I have tasted the wonderful goodness of this delicious meal, and I want everyone around me to experience the same goodness- it is an overflow of my excitement and enjoyment. The shepherds of our story have experienced an infinitely greater goodness. The sincerity of their encounter is demonstrated in the way their praise overflows from them. For them, what has happened is so good, that it seems wrong of them to not tell every possible ear (including that of the creator of all this goodness, God himself).

     So on this Christmas eve-eve, remind yourself of everything we’ve talked about. What made you excited? Take time today to let that excitement overflow.


-Luke 2:20

Discussion Question:

-What was the best meal you’ve ever eaten? Recall it, and as you do, tell everyone about it. Did you get hungry for more? In the same way, reminisce about the story we have talked about this year? What was the most exciting thing that you learned about God? Tell everyone about it- tell God about it. (Did you get hungry for more?)