Advent Day 16: Upside Down

Sweet Hymns of Joy for the Slave is our Brother and in His Name all Oppression shall Cease”

     Because the Christmas story sometimes gets relegated to nativity scenes in our front yard, we sometimes miss the grand, sweeping implications that it has for all of people in all of time. We see that Jesus is born to a poor virgin and visited by lowly shepherds, and we are grateful for how nice Jesus was to people like that by giving them the first look, but we don’t let the imagery reach much further than that.

    Mary certainly doesn’t miss the implications though. In Luke 1:46-55, she sings a song that has become known as the “Magnificat”. In it, she declares that this reversal of roles is actually the beginning of God turning the entire world upside down. He is bringing about a world where the humble and weak are welcomed in, and powerful, oppressive people are sent away. This small moment in history, for Mary, is the beginning of the world that God always promised, where truth and justice and goodness would reign and oppression would be gone, because God alone would rule.

    I could talk more about this, but The Bible Project has already done it in a far more exciting way than I ever could. Follow the link to their video- it’s definitely worth the watch!


-Luke 1:46-55