Advent Day 15: Pardon the Interruption

“Let Loving Hearts Enthrone Him”

     What we wonder at most in the book of Luke is the upside-down nature of it. In its opening stories we see that God is working through and appearing to not those of high rank and status, but rather through those who are low, and barren, and ashamed. The question arises, why? Perhaps those of low estate don’t have such an issue with interruptions.

     Interruptions are never pleasant. As I write this, I do so having just returned from a student’s concert. I found myself in front of a few people who were particularly loud, and had a tendency to talk during the performances. This was frustrating, because it was an interruption to our show. We all have agendas- plans that we want to advance, ideas of how we want to be seen by others, and desires to accomplish things that will bring us pleasure, but what we find in Luke is that we are dealing with a God who is quite interruptive.

     For those of us who feel that we ought to be held in high estate, interruptions are particularly disturbing. “Who would dare to come between me and my agenda- don’t they know who I am?” This is the posture that we see in Herod, who takes swift and cruel action to try and stop the birth of Jesus from being an interruption to his reign.

     In Mary though, we see a willingness to be a servant. A servant does not view herself in high estate, and so an act of God is not so much an interruption (that which happens when someone “below” us inserts themselves into our lives and endeavors) but rather an invitation (that which happens when someone “higher” than us chooses to insert themselves into our lives). For the humble, acts of God are never intrusive or life-destroying. Instead they are opportunities to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, and grow closer to that goodness which God promises for all who are part of his kingdom.


-Luke 1:34-38


-What parts of your life do you think you would be most frustrated about if God “interrupted”, why? What do we have to believe about God in order to be at peace with him invading these parts of our lives?