About Springfield Baptist Church

SBC is historically a Missionary Minded Church.

Currently about 18% of our Annual Budget goes directly to local, national, and foreign missions. We support individuals from missions like International Ministries, Africa Inland Mission, CrossWorld, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Child Evangelism Fellowship, and others. We also support urban oriented ministries in our region like the Delaware County Pregnancy Center, and City Team Ministries in Chester. During the past several summers, Senior High Students from SBC have gone on a 7-day mission trip to places like Puerto Rico, North Carolina, St. Mary’s, West Virginia, South Carolina. The 2019 Youth Mission Trip is planned for Eastern Shore, VA, working with children and families in the impoverished communities there.

SBC is a conservative church.

We teach and preach the inspired Word of God, and measure all of our ministries against Biblical standards. We take discipleship seriously. Read our Doctrinal Statement and you will find us firmly anchored in the historic Baptist faith. We love to proclaim, study and teach the Scriptures, but more than that, we love to live our faith in the world around us.

SBC is a family church.

We believe that the generations are mutually supporting and ought to be part of each other’s life. You will find a loving atmosphere in the church, and an excitement about what God is doing among us and through us. We work hard to maintain a child abuse prevention policy that screens all adults working with children and annually trains them to prevent it. Our many programs for children include age graded Sunday School, and AWANA. We also have an active youth program with dedicated leaders and Senior Adult programs as well as numerous places to serve and participate for adults of all ages.

SBC has a very strong Music Program.

We have a Senior Choir, Bell Choir, singing groups, and soloists. Worship will include both contemporary worship songs and traditional hymns.

SBC is an actively ministering church.

Individuals in the church not only teach Sunday School or lead Bible Studies, but they minister in the community. We have numerous people actively involved in activities like City Team Rescue Mission, Tax Preparation for Seniors, Nursing Home visits, providing transportation, visiting, etc. Annually we reach out to the community with events that attract hundreds.